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    264264chairs will send of a note to the v6ops mailing list so solicit
    265265comments on whether such deployment considerations are useful.
     267=== HOMENET ===
     269The Homenet WG met at IETF 94 on the morning of Tuesday 3rd November. The chairs began with a WG document status update since IETF 93, which included one WG document moved to the RFC Editor’s Queue, one approved by the IESG, and the other just exiting IETF Last Call. Outstanding documents include those related to DNS naming and Service Discovery, as well as new work targeting reconciliation of work done in the MIF WG with that in the Homenet WG.
     271In addition to regular document status updates, the chairs also highlighted the email posted a week earlier concerning their decision regarding routing protocols in the home. This decision seemed to be well accepted by the WG, and the remainder of the time was devoted to the MIF and Naming/Service Discovery work mentioned above.  Following the session a presentation and demonstration by the Homenet Hackathon team was provided for those who wished to remain in the room.