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    6767== DHC ==
    69 The DHC wg met on Thursday (11/5) for 2 hours with the following presentations:
    71 1. YANG Data Model for DHCPv6 Configuration, Linhui Sun
    72 1. Relay Initiated Release, Sunil M Gandhewar
    73 1. Moving forward on Secure DHCPv6, Tomek Mrugalski & Lishan Li
    74 1. DHCPv6 Failover Update, Bernie Volz (for Kim Kinnear)
    75 1. DHCPv6 Prefix Length hint issues, Lishan Li (for Tianxiang Li)
    76 1. DHCPv6bis update & issues discussion, Bernie Volz
     69The DHC WG met on Thursday (11/5) for 2 hours with the following presentations:
    78 (more details to come)
     711. Tomek Mrugalski discussed the DHCP4o6 implementation/testing work done at IETF-94's Hackathon where the team had 2 independent server and client implementations interoperating.
     721. Linhui Sun presented the YANG Data Model for DHCPv6 Configuration by reviewing the recent major changes to the draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-yang draft and providing some results from mapping the model to various implementations.
     731. Sunil M Gandewar presented Relay Initiated Release (draft-gandhewar-dhc-relay-initiated-release and draft-gandhewar-dhc-v6-relay-initiated-release) by providing a summary of recent events, the background and motivation for the work, after which concerns regarding the concept were discussed.   
     741. Tomek Mrugalski introduced Moving forward on Secure DHCPv6 (draft-ietf-dhc-sedhcpv6) by reviewing the history of the work and discussions during the week to resolve the IESG and general security concerns. The plan is to merge the authentication (draft-ietf-dhc-sedhcpv6) and encryption (draft-cui-dhc-dhcpv6-encryption) draft and have authentication with encryption or just encryption. Lishan Li followed with proposed changes to the draft-li-dhc-secure-dhcpv6-deployment draft to provide motivation, the threat model, and deployment scenarios. The pre-distributed key concept targeted at the organization model, rather than TOFU, will be featured. TOFU will be left for future work.
     751. Bernie Volz presented the DHCPv6 Failover Update for Kim Kinnear. The original concept of a design document will be scraped and the recently submitted protocol document will replace it. Several volunteers to review the draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-failover-protocol were recruited.
     761. Lishan Li presented DHCPv6 Prefix Length hint issues for Tianxiang Li. The issues and proposed solutions were discussed.
     771. Bernie Volz presented the DHCPv6bis update and lead the discussion on the proposed solutions to several tickets. While there was general support for the proposed solutions, follow up will occur on the DHC WG mailing list to confirm.