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    6666requesting the publication of the first batch, which includes RFC
    67674843bis, RFC 5201bis, and RFC 5202bis, shortly.
     69== softwire ==
     71The softwire working group met in London for a 2.5 hour session. The MAP-E and the lw4over6 drafts had completed working group last call before the meeting. The main goal of the meeting was to resolve the open issues on the lw4over6 draft that had been brought up during WGLC and on later revisions. There were three major issues open in the draft and there was general agreement on the way forward for two of them. The third issue was a bit more controversial as it deals with the relationship between the MAP-E and the lw4over6 documents. The text for describing this will be discussed on the list and included on both MAP-E and lw4over6 drafts. The MAP-T and the 4rd drafts have also completed WGLC and will be progressed to the IESG soon. There were several presentations about potential new work for the WG, including DS-Lite Failure Detection and Failover, RADIUS Extensions for Lightweight 4over6, Prefix Binding recommendations in the Softwire DS-Lite Context, an  IPv4 Prefix for IPv6 Transitional Technology and an Unified IPv6 Transition Framework With Flow-based Forwarding. These presentations were informational as the WG is not currently accepting any new work items until the stateless solution documents are progressed.
    6973== TRILL ==