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    2020The WG spent around an hour of the f2f meeting time discussing the rechartering and identified areas to work on. The very draft charter text can be found: []. During the WG meeting few new topics were raised: linkage to other IETF WGs who do related work to some extent (not with mobility as the focus) like I2RS, SFC, LISP, FORCES and possibly VNFPool. The linkage to existing architectures was emphasised. If DMM WG wants to work on something that is deployable on e.g. 3GPP networks that should be documented how. Last, the current trend of network function virtualisation was brought up, and DMM should reflect that in its work.
     22== intarea ==
     24The intarea working group met in a short one hour slot. The draft describing the use of the IPv6 Flow Label for Load Balancing in Server Farms was published as RFC7098. Internet Area Director Brian Haberman announced the formation of the INT directorate to assist the INT area directors in document reviews. 
     26The draft describing a fragmentation strategy for Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) was presented. The intent of the document was to provide guidance to future implementers. The content of the draft was well received by the working group, but there were differing opinions as to whether this work would continue to be a point solution or be folded into some form of generic work on tunnels. This will be discussed on the list.
     28The draft describing issues with IP links in spontaneous wireless networks was presented. The goal of the draft was to raise wider awareness to some issues that need to be handled by IP on ad-hoc wireless networks. There was some resistance to this draft as some people involved in earlier work in the autoconf working group believed that the scope of the problem is much larger than envisioned by this document. The chairs have requested them to have offline discussions with the draft authors and get back to the wg with a way forward.
     30There was a presentation concerning the potential effects of the NFV initiative and the associated data plane acceleration technologies on IETF protocols. The draft authors are looking for feedback from the Internet Area community. Please send comments to the authors. There was also a presentation about the Asynchronous DNS API by the folks involved in an open source implementation of the same. Their goal was to solicit comments and contributions from DNS folks in the Internet area. The draft concerning use of CGAs for Transaction signatures was updated based on comments received from the working group. The draft will be discussed further on the list.
    2232== L2TPEXT ==