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     1== 6MAN ==
     2The 6man working group held a two and a half hour session on the Tuesday of the IETF in London. The session was well attended with over a hundred participants. It was recorded by Meetecho and the audio/video archives are available.
     4There has been active discussions on the mailing list since the last IETF, with over 800 messages. The main topics of discussion has been "Why /64", SSAS, the recommendation for default interface-identifiers, address privacy and efficient ND. The working group has had 5 RFCs published, and currently have no document in the IESG queue.
     6The main topics for the London meeting, was the "Why /64" document, that is a document that explains why the /64 boundary was chosen, and also explores the consequences of changing that boundary, if we ever wanted to do that. There was strong support in the room for adopting this document as a working group document. We also had a 45 minute session to talk about efficient ND. Both with regards to battery efficiency, and how ND behaves on link-layers that do not handle multicast well. The chairs have decided to form a design team to work on this problem, anyone interested in participating should contact the chairs. The design team is expected to report back to the working group at the Toronto IETF meeting.
     8There was also consensus in the the room to adopt the following drafts:
     10        * draft-gont-6man-lla-opt-validation
     12This consensus is being verified on the mailing list.
    214== DMM ==