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    130130strong consensus in the room to accept this item as a new charter item for
    131131Sunset4. The chairs will send the request to the AD.
     134== DHC ==
     136DHC WG met on Monday morning. The session was attended by 60 people and lasted
     1372 hours and 32 minutes. We had one RFC (7083, Modification of default values
     138of SOL_MAX_RT and INF_MAX_RT), one I-D is in review queue, 4 I-Ds sent to AD
     139and/or IESG. Chairs were concerned that WGLCs receive not enough reviews,
     140just handful of +1s. The decision was to not start WGLC until there is enough
     141review volunteers.
     143Update about DHCPv6Bis work was presented (good progress, but it essentially
     144just started).
     146The second presentation was about DHCPv6 Failover. The failover-design
     147draft reached AD review, but was essentially rejected. Authors and AD decided
     148to split it into trimmed down failover-design (info) and failover-spec (std).
     150Work on Selecting DHCP configuration based on network topology was resumed
     151after a short hiatus. One more rev is needed. There were 6 volunteers for
     152review, so we'll go ahead with WGLC.
     154Author of Secure DHCPv6 with public key work believes it is ready. 6 volunteers
     155signed up for review, so chairs will go ahead with WGLC soon.
     157DHCPv6 Load Balancing work has been resume after spending more than a year
     158in limbo. There was WGLC over a year ago, but there were several comments,
     159so updated rev was published on Monday. We have 4 volunteers for review. That's
     160less than chairs would like to have, but since this draft has been around
     161for a long time and is very similar to its v4-counterpart, it is enough and
     162we'll go with another WGLC.
     164Stateful issues draft has been presented. This draft fixes several important
     165snags in stateful DHCPv6. Since those changes would affect everyone, chairs
     166felt that the bar is set higher than for average draft. There was very few
     167reviews and only a handful +1s during WGLC, so chairs decided to fail it.
     168This appear to made an impact. 8 people promised to do the review. That should
     169be more than enough to pass a new WGLC once chairs announce one.
     171Stateless reconfiguration (individual) was presented. There are some
     172improvements since last meeting, but it is still not clear whether the WG
     173is willing to work on it. The work will continue as individual for now.
     175Customer Edge Router ID option was presented. It's a proposal that overlaps
     176Homenet, HIPNET and generic CPE deployment. The draft has some DHCP issues
     177(tries to do auth by itself, rather than using standard auth option or reusing
     178secure-dhcpv6 being developed). The AD will follow up to determine the best
     179place for this work to proceed.
     181Homenet Naming DHCP Options draft was presented. It is intended for Homenet WG,
     182so it was presneted in DHC as info only. Several DHCP-specific comments were
     185A new draft about dynamic Allocation of shared IPv4 address has been presented.
     186This is DHC-specific part of the solution. It is expected to be reused by
     187other solutions being developed in Softwires. The room was inclined to adopt
     188that work. Will do adoption call on the mailing list soon.
     190DHCPv4 over DHCPv6 source address option is an extension to the DHCPv4-over-DHCPV6
     191solution that is sent to IESG. This is a very fresh proposal, there was not
     192enough time for thorough discussion and no dicussion on ML, so this topic
     193will be discussed further.
     195The last 4 minutes presentation was delivered by Tsinghua University, which
     196implemented DHCPv4-over-DHCPv6 server and client. It is a nice data point
     197for the draft that is awaiting IESG review now.