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    8080An interesting presentation (  on link-layer privacy  from IAB STRINT workshop has been presented as well .  6TiSCH plugfest announcement and 6lo/6TiSCH possible collaboration area based on 6lowpan-nd are presented by the 6TiSCH co-chairs.  6lo co-chairs discussed possible interest in 6lo deployment usecase scenarios that require more work in the working group and develop a reference architecture related to other constrained node area network components.
     82== DNSSD ==
     84The WG reviewed and discussed the individual requirements in the
     85draft-ietf-dnssd-requirements-01.  The meeting participants accepted,
     86in principle, the list of requirements.  The authors will publish a
     87revision of the draft that will include several specific changes as
     88agreed to in the meeting.  The chairs will then pos a WG last call to
     89the mailing list for consensus on forwarding the document to the IESG.
     91Dave Thaler lead a discussion of what the WG needs to standardize to
     92meet the WG charter and requirements document.  Item 2, "Service
     93discovery zone enumeration", was determined to need additional
     94refinement, as the term "zone" is overloaded in the DNS and has an
     95implication of "buckets" that may not be compatible with some desired
     96methods of visibility control such as role-based.  Item 5, "interop
     97with other SD protocols", was recognized as out of scope for the
     98current charter but is likely to be of interest for consideration in
     99the future.
     101The discussion of what needs to be standardized was followed by brief
     102summaries and evaluation of standardization for three specific
     103technologies.  The conclusions of these three presentations will be
     104consolidated with the list provided by Dave Thaler.
     106Andrew Sullivan reviewed the main points and conclusions in
     107draft-sullivan-dnssd-mdns-dns-interop-00.  There is still some
     108skepticism that any solution can be devised that will successfully
     109address interoperability between DNS-SD/mDNS and the global unicast
     110DNS.  However, the WG was reminded to keep in mind that it is
     111chartered to document issues in naming interoperability and solutions
     112are currently beyond the scope of the charter.  The chairs asked if
     113Stuart Cheshire would join Andrew Sullivan as a co-author of this