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     2== DMM ==
     4The DMM WG is about to complete the work on its current charter. The requirements document has already been submitted into the publication process and the second working group document on the current practices & gap analysis is nearing the completing. The next step with the gap analysis is the WGLC, which will be called after the IETF#89 week. The outcome of the gap analysis has pinpointed potential topics and areas of future work.
     6The WG aims to recharter before the IETF#90. There has been vivid offline discussion already on the possible work items and the revision of the charter text. The future distributed IP mobility management deployments are going to look rather different than what tradition IETF IP mobility protocols have been designed for. The DMM WG is not going to restrict itself only to existing IETF IP mobility protocols tweaking.
     8The WG spent around an hour of the f2f meeting time discussing the rechartering and identified areas to work on. The very draft charter text can be found: []. During the WG meeting few new topics were raised: linkage to other IETF WGs who do related work to some extent (not with mobility as the focus) like I2RS, SFC, LISP, FORCES and possibly VNFPool. The linkage to existing architectures was emphasised. If DMM WG wants to work on something that is deployable on e.g. 3GPP networks that should be documented how. Last, the current trend of network function virtualisation was brought up, and DMM should reflect that in its work.