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    246246Chairs will work with AD about milestones, then will call for adoption later.
     248== NetExt ==
     250NetExt WG met at IETF 89. The WG mainly discussed the remaining work items
     251and how to progress them. The WG discussed how to proceed with the
     252remaining issues with the Flow Mobility document and reached consensus on
     253providing the Flow Mobility Initiate/Ack messages along with the Update
     254Notifications. The chairs proposed that the Logical Interface ID be
     255deprecated since it's utility is unclear. The WG debated pros and cons of
     256the proposal, and it was agreed to continue the discussion on ML and go
     257with the WG consensus. The meeting also discussed the ID on QoS mapping
     258between WLAN and PMIP6 messages, which will be adopted as the WG document.
     259The WG intends to work on remaining work items and conclude them by IETF
     26090. The WG intends to close down by IETF 90.
     262== 6TiSCH ==
     264The 6TiSCH WG held 2 meetings, a 3-hour plugfest followed by a 2-hour WG meeting.
     266The plugfest was held on March 6 2014, 0900-1200<tel:0900-1200> GMT, and chaired by Xavi Vilajosana. It was attended by 32 people, including Bob Heile (Chairman Emeritus and Chief Technologist ZigBee Alliance, chair IEEE802.15) and Pat Kinney (vice-chair IEEE802.15, chair of ISA100), and featured three complementary angles: interoperation, demonstration and tools. The group shared on sniffing tooling, and provided implementation feedback on the 6TiSCH minimal configuration draft, which is a chartered item at 6TiSCH. We demonstrated open-source (OpenWSN) implementations of 6TiSCH running on multiple types of hardware, as well as a port to the RIOT OS. We also demonstrated a multilink subnet with a classical Ethernet backbone that federates LLNs based on the proxy ND operations as described in the 6TiSCH architecture.
     268Information about the plugfest, as well as the presented slides, are at
     270The WG meeting was held on March 6 2014, 1300-1500 GMT, and chaired by Pascal Thubert and Thomas Watteyne. Since the WG is fairly new (this is its 2nd meeting) the chairs gave a quick recap on the 6TiSCH charter and milestones. The following drafts were presented:
     272  *   draft-ietf-6tisch-terminology
     273  *   draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture (Pascal Thubert)
     274  *   draft-wang-6tisch-6top-interface (Xavi Vilajosana)
     275  *   draft-wang-6tisch-6top-sublayer (Qin Wang)
     276  *   draft-dujovne-6tisch-on-the-fly (Diego Dujovne)
     277  *   draft-piro-6tisch-security-issues (Giuseppe Piro)
     279A rough consensus for adoption as WG document for draft-wang-6tisch-6top-interface was reached at the meeting; a call for adoption was subsequently started on the Mailing List. Security discussions lead by Michael Richardson occupied an overall half hour of the meeting. Michael reported a summary of the Design Team work for the 6TiSCH architectures, and heated discussions followed. Xavi Vilajosana reported on the plugfest, and had each participant give a 3min presentation of the material presented and the lessons learned.
     281Detailed minutes about the WG meeting, as well as the presented slides, are at