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    8989The second session, on Thursday, was for DHC exclusively. The session started with the chairs providing a status of the WG since the IETF-86 (Orlando). 4 documents were published as RFCs and 3 completed WGLCs and are close to being published. Also, this was the tenth anniversary of the DHCPv6 protocol (RFC 3315) as it was published July 30, 2003. Next, the re-chartering text was reviewed and a few edits were requested. The DHCP Directorate proposal was reviewed, and a few edits were requested. Then, a recap of the joint meeting with Sunset4 was provided. Next, the DHCPv6 Option Guidelines draft status was discussed; this will be going to the IESG shortly. Next, there was an update and discussion on the DHCPv6 Stateful Issues draft. Then, there were 3 presentations related to configuring IPv4 clients over IPv6 and with a lively discussion. Finally, there was a  presentation on new DHCPv4 options for address assignment with port assignments. Several presentations were not given as we ran out of time.
     91== TICTOC/NTP ==
     92The TICTOC WG has completed WGLCs on the timing security requirements and 1588 MIB documents. These will be advanced to the IESG within a month. The new work item on an Enterprise PTP profile was updated and presented to the working group. There is concern about the proliferation of 1588 profiles, but there is also recognition that the enterprise/data center application is not covered by other profiles. This profile has been implemented and deployed by multiple vendors.
     94A WGLC for the "Transporting Timing messages over MPLS Networks" draft has also been started and copied to the MPLS WG. There is some opposition to the motivating requirement and proposed solution addressed in this draft. Discussion in the working group identified two threshold questions for determining whether the document should move forward, does the solution harm MPLS, and does the solution prevent other solutions in the future. This was discussed with the MPLS WG on Friday. The result of that conversation is the MPLS chairs will find some MPLS reviewers, and upon completion of the review, a design team call will be scheduled to address the comments received.
     96The NTP WG has several items under consideration. The Network Time Security (autokey replacement) document was updated and presented. Drafts on the ntp extension field and udp checksum with ntp are under consideration. Finally, an expired draft on mode 6 messages needs to be resurrected and completed. Volunteers were solicited.
     98As part of our ongoing liaison communications, status reports from ITU-T SG15/Q13 and IEEE 1588 were provided.