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    8282solution (draft-matsushima-stateless-uplane-vepc) and a SDN based architecture
    8383solution for DMM (draft-liu-sdn-mobility).
     85== DHC ==
     87The DHC WG had two sessions. The first, on Wednesday, was a joint session with Sunset4 and is described in the Sunset4 summary.
     89The second session, on Thursday, was for DHC exclusively. The session started with the chairs providing a status of the WG since the IETF-86 (Orlando). 4 documents were published as RFCs and 3 completed WGLCs and are close to being published. Also, this was the tenth anniversary of the DHCPv6 protocol (RFC 3315) as it was published July 30, 2003. Next, the re-chartering text was reviewed and a few edits were requested. The DHCP Directorate proposal was reviewed, and a few edits were requested. Then, a recap of the joint meeting with Sunset4 was provided. Next, the DHCPv6 Option Guidelines draft status was discussed; this will be going to the IESG shortly. Next, there was an update and discussion on the DHCPv6 Stateful Issues draft. Then, there were 3 presentations related to configuring IPv4 clients over IPv6 and with a lively discussion. Finally, there was a  presentation on new DHCPv4 options for address assignment with port assignments. Several presentations were not given as we ran out of time.