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    4545overcome in active-active at the edge for which some discussion occurred
    4646although the meeting had run a bit over time.
     48== DMM ==
     50The DMM WG on Thursday first two slots and had a full agenda. The two WG documents:
     51the "requirements document" (draft-ietf-dmm-requirements) and the "current practices
     52and gap analysis" (draft-ietf-dmm-best-practices-gap-analysis) have done some
     53significant progress since the IETF#86. The charter milestones were updated. The
     54new milestones are now:
     57   Oct 2013 - Submit I-D 'Solution Requirements' to the IESG..[[BR]]
     58   Nov 2013 - Submit I-D 'Gap Analysis' to the IESG..[[BR]]
     59   Nov 2013 - Evaluate the need for further work..[[BR]]
     61The requirements document have completed the WGLC#2 in April and since then number of
     62open issue tracker tickets have gone down to 4 from 39. The remaining 4 were discussed
     63during the face to face meeting and we have a resolution for those. After the new
     64revision gets published the document is ready to go for another WGLC#3.
     66Regarding the gap analysis, it was stated by the chairs multiple times that for the
     67new work to appear in the WG through rechartering the justification for it has to be
     68found in the gap analysis document as a WG agreed identified gap. A common theme for
     69most DMM solutions seems to be a need or ability for an end host (a mobile host) stack
     70and/or application be able to distinguish which addresses/prefixes offer
     71mobility/anchoring and which does not. Regarding the knowledge of the address/prefix
     72"properties" there are individual I-Ds on the same space in 6MAN, DHC and Mif WGs
     73(prefix coloring/classes/properties and multiple provisioning domains).
     75The WG also had again multiple presentations on the "DMM framework". The WG had a
     76quick discussion and a poll for the possible work for a generic framework document.
     77Around 20 people showed interest, thus once the WG possibly recharters, a "DMM
     78framework" document is among candidate future work.
     80In addition to presentation of the individual I-Ds that have been around already
     81for some time, we had a new presentations on a BGP (and anycast) based architecture
     82solution (draft-matsushima-stateless-uplane-vepc) and a SDN based architecture
     83solution for DMM (draft-liu-sdn-mobility).