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    111111Multimob in IETF 87 in Berlin has made good progress and there are no major concerns.
     113== HOMENET ==
     114The Homenet Architecture document went through a second WGLC and has now been advanced to the IESG.
     116“Source and Destination Routing” has appeared from 3 independent tracks and authors, each reaching largely the same conclusion. A meeting was held on Thursday with interested parties and a path forward agreed upon that includes one document targeted to the rtgarea which contains general motivating use cases and common set of requirements which routing protocols would need to follow to implement source and destination routing. There may be additional implementation specific documents, either in homenet, intarea, or elsewhere focusing on the extensions to the forwarding behaviour for a source and destination routing implementation.
     118We have invited volunteers to join a Design team to focus on incremental phases for Homenet deployment, and an initial meeting was held on Thursday to examine the gaps in the specifications and protocols needed to allow interoperation between an eRouter spec device and a “full Homenet” network.
     120The WG believes service discovery across multiple links is very important, and is watching the work in dnssdext very carefully. draft-stenberg-homenet-dnssdext-hybrid-proxy-ospf describes how draft-cheshire-mdnsext-hybrid can be applied in an homenet in a scalable and zero configuration manner.   
     122The authors of draft-mglt-homenet-front-end-naming-delegation will work with the developer of “dnsmasq” to incorporate his experiences implementing similar techniques.
     124Last, but not least, the chairs are proud to report that the vast majority of protocol discussion during the meeting was based not only on Internet Drafts, but on actual implementation (much of which has already been released as Open Source).