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    293293       * Petr Špaček <petr.spacek at nic dot cz>
    294294     * Project(s)
    295        * Common configuration interface for DNS - YANG
     295       * Common configuration interface for DNS - YANG. Cross DNS server manageability may significantly benefit from alignment on some baseline formal modeling approach. The combo if NETCONF protocol with YANG modeling was designed and in the meantime also is proven to work well in many configuration contexts - and might prove beneficial also for management of DNS servers and/or services. The hackathon project provides a prove of the concept
     296       * For more details, hackathon results summary and contact to the contributors please see [[| IETF_104_hackathon_DNS%20-comon-config-dns-yang-v12.pdf]]
    296298       * DNSTAP over CBOR. Today DNSTAP messages are delivered using protobuf encapsulated over fstrm, this project will try to use CBOR (RFC 7049) instead of protobuf but still use fstrm for the encapsulation and implement this in both sending (authoritative, resolver) and receiving (dnscap, dsc etc) software. Gist of CDDL example:
    297299       * Brainstorm/hack around DNSTAP and usage of fstrm, current common implementation is that the DNS server software connect out to a fstrm/DNSTAP listener, would also be nice to be able to connect to the DNS server and get the DNSTAP when needed