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An example re-write of the draft-ietf-nea-asokan writeup, using the proposed new template:

  1. Summary

Susan Thomson is the Document Shepherd. Stephen Farrell is the Responsible Area Director.

The Network Endpoint Assessment protocols are subject to a subtle forwarding attack that has become known as the NEA Asokan Attack. This document describes the attack and countermeasures that may be mounted. Its purpose is to provide information only, so Informational is the appropriate target status.

  1. Review and Consensus

The WG formed a design team in July 2010 with the goal of recommending a general-purpose counter-measure that would work for both of the PT protocols under specification in the WG. The design team analysis and recommendation is the subject of this document. The recommendation of the design team was presented to the WG at the IETF meeting in November 2010 where it received solid support. The result was confirmed on the mailing list in January 2011, and the recommended counter-measure subsequently incorporated into the two PT protocols specified in the NEA WG. The two PT protocols, PT-TLS and PT-EAP, are separately specified in two standards-track documents, and reference this document as an Informative reference. There is strong consensus in the WG, and the document has received substantial review.

  1. Intellectual Property

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  1. Other Points