Wish Lists

For volunteer tool ideas, try tools-discuss@….

IASA runs a Tools Management Committee (TMC) organized by the IAD. The TMC has members from the IAOC, the secretariat, and the volunteer community. When wishlist items are major, the TMC will need to prioritize them along with proposals for major new tools.

Items that the IESG wants the TMC to prioritize

(With links if there's already an entry in the ticketing system.)

  1. Chartering: second ballot cannot be issued during External Review

Issuance of the ballot should be independent of the state of the review.

  1. Agenda: Total page count for the agenda

Now that we have the page count for each document on the agenda, it would be nice to see a total page count at the top of the agenda.

Old survey

At the 2013, we got together a wish list and did a survey for prioritization. Keeping a pointer to it for posterity.

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