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80th IETF - Prague

This is scratch space for the upcoming IETF meeting; it will be cleared afterwards and reused for the next meeting. Also seethe BOF wiki.

IESG Agendas

Location: TBD

Sunday AM (IESG without IAB)

Breakfast at 0830; Meeting 0900 to Noon

  • Welcome (Russ)
  • IASA Report (Ray)
  • IANA Report (Michelle)
  • RFC Editor Report (Sandy)
  • Secretariat Report (Alexa)
  • Finalize Retreat Details (Russ)
  • Encouraging Cross Area Review (TBD)
  • What I Learned as APP AD (Alexey)

Sunday Lunch (Joint with IAB)

Lunch at Noon; Meeting Noon to 1400

  • Area-by-area hot spot discussions
    -- RTG
    -- RAI
    -- INT
    -- TSV
    -- GEN
    -- OPS
    -- SEC
    -- APP
  • IRTF hot spot discussions
  • ITU-T G.tpoam (Adrian & Stewart)
  • Inspiring Newcomers and Greybeards (if time allows) (Hannes)

Monday AM (IESG without IAB) Location: TBD

Breakfast available at 0700; meeting 0745 to 0855

  • NomCom Chair Report (Tom Walsh)
  • IESG Additional Duty Assignments (Russ)
    -- Mail list moderators
    -- Tools team liaison
    -- NomCom liaison
    -- IAB liaison

Tuesday AM (IESG without IAB) Location: TBD

Breakfast available at 0700; meeting 0745 to 0855

  • Requirements for a Working Group Charter Tool (Paul Hoffman)
  • Datatracker enhancement plans (Russ)

Wednesday AM (Join Community)

Thursday AM (Join Community)

Friday AM (Joint with IAB) Location: TBD

Breakfast available at 0700; meeting 0745 to 0855

  • Area-by-area summary -- identify follow-up actions
    -- RAI
    -- GEN
    -- SEC
    -- INT
    -- APP
    -- RTG
    -- TSV
    -- OPS
  • IRTF summary (if time permits)

Reservations for IESG Breakout Room

Location: TBD

Available: Sunday at 14:00 through Friday at 16:00


14:00 - 16:00 Routing ADs Office Hours


11:30 - 13:00 IETF-IANA (Russ)




11:30 - 13:00 AAA Doctors directorate meeting (Dan)


Arrivals & Hotels

AD Hotel Arrival Departure Notes
Russ Hilton Thurs., 24 Mar 2011 Sun., 3 Apr 2011 Will attend IAB Workshop
Lars Hilton Thurs., 24 Mar 2011 PM Sun., 3 Apr 2011 PM Will attend IAB Workshop
Wes Eddy Hilton Sat., 26 Mar, ~noon Sat., 2 Apr, 6:45AM
Dan Romascanu Hilton Sat., 26 Mar, 9:15AM Fri., 1 Apr, 23:55
Adrian Camping near Prague Thurs., 24 Mar, ~eve Sun., 3 Apr, early IoT Workshop
Ralph Hilton/Priv. apt. near Jindřišská Tower Thu, 24 Mar, ~1400 Mon, 4 Apr, 1030 Will attend IoT Workshop
Pete Hilton Thurs., 24 Mar, 14:05 Sat., 2 Apr, 11:10 Planning to attend IAB Workshop
Sean The Fabulous Hilton Thurs., 24 Mar Sun., 3 Apr Will attend IAB Workshop

FYI: The meeting at the Prague Hilton seems to overlap with this Hilton offer for quadruple points for stays extending longer than four nights: If you're collecting Hilton points, this is a pretty good offer (which you must register for at the URL above.)

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