IETF 103 - Bangkok

This is scratch space for the upcoming IETF meeting; it will be cleared afterwards and reused for the next meeting. Also seethe BOF wiki.

There is a working list of candidate topics for the agenda.

Floor Plans here:

IETF Agenda here:

IESG Agendas

Saturday, 3 November

Hackathon: Location Sala Thai Ballroom, 5th floor

Sunday, 4 November AM

Hackathon: Location Sala Thai Ballroom, 5th floor

Sunday, 4 November AM (IESG Only)

Location: Pagoda, 4th floor
(Go through the North Tower elevator banks, turn left to go around the decorative screen. At the end of the short hallway is the Pagoda Meeting Room.)
Scribe: Amy
Breakfast at 0830; Meeting 0900 to 1130

  • RFC Editor: XMLv3 transition plan (Sandy)
  • 2019 RFC Editor goals (Heather)
  • Automatic application of errata (Adam)
  • IESG statement about what "updates" means (Ben)
  • New activity and participation reports (Alexa/Alissa?)
  • Policy on referencing standards that are not freely available (Suresh)

Sunday, 4 November (Joint with IAB)

Location: Pagoda, 4th floor
Scribe: Cindy
Meeting Lunch at 1130; Meeting 1200 to 1400

  • Welcome
  • Area walkthrough for hot topics of the week
    • OPS
    • SEC
    • GEN
    • IRTF
    • RTG
    • INT
    • TSV
    • ART
  • Coordinate IETF "adopted work announcement plan" with IRTF, IAB, and ISE streams (Spencer)
  • Bringing New Work to the IETF (Spencer)
  • One Plenary vs Two Plenaries (Melinda)
  • Exec session: Report from I* leadership meeting (Ted)

Other Sunday Events

16:00-17:00: Newcomer Meet-and-Greet (Room:Garden at Queen's Park)

17:00-19:00: Welcome Reception (Room: Garden at Queen's Park)

21:00: AMS / IETF Leadership Wine & Social (Room: Pavilion 1&2)

Monday, 5 November (IESG Only)

No IESG meeting; join the community

Tuesday, 6 November AM

No IESG meeting; join the community

Wednesday, 7 November Breakfast (IESG Only)

Location: Pagoda, 4th floor
Scribe: Amy
Breakfast at 0700; Meeting 0730 to 0850

  • IESG Projects (Alvaro)
  • Living documents experiment (Warren)
  • Plenary prep (Alissa)
  • IESG appointment to the IETF Trust (Alissa)
  • Closed side meetings (Alissa)
  • Parking lot

Thursday, 8 November AM

No IESG meeting; join the community

Friday, 9 November (Joint Brunch with IAB)

Location: Pagoda, 4th floor
Scribe: Cindy
Time: Brunch at 1000; Meeting 1030 to 1200

  • Post-meeting review
    • IRTF
    • ART
    • RTG
    • SEC
    • TSV
    • GEN
    • OPS
    • INT
  • Standing Item: Meeting Attendance and Productivity
  • Onsite impressions of a No-Friday meeting (Spencer, but would rather someone else lead)
  • Follow up from plenary open mic (Alissa)
    • Toxic WG discussions
    • Training for participants and WG chairs (remote participation, conduct)
    • AD disclosure of funding

Reservations for IESG Breakout Room

Location: Meeting 5

Sunday, 4 November

Monday, 5 November

  • 1400-1500 - PPR Work (Alvaro)
  • 16:10-18:10 (Monday Afternoon session II) Ops Office Hours (Ace and Ignas)

Tuesday, 6 November

  • 12:20-13:50 Living standards (Alissa)
  • 18:30-20:00 - Problem statement for Localized Optimizations On Path Segment (LOOPS) (Carsten Bormann) (Spencer)

Wednesday, 7 November

  • 1120-1220 - PPR Work II (Alvaro)
  • 12:30-13:30 - IAB StackEvo? program lunch meeting (IAB room is already taken) (Spencer)

Thursday, 8 November

  • Ombudsteam (Alissa)
  • 1100-1300 - Predictable and Available Wireless (PAW) (Pascal Thubert) (Alvaro)
  • 13:50-15:50 TSV AD Office Hours (Spencer and Mirja)

Friday, 9 November



Arrivals & Hotels

AD Hotel Arrival Departure Notes
Ignas Bagdonas Marriott Queen's Park Nov 02 Nov 13
Deborah Brungard Marriott Nov 02 Nov 12
Ben Campbell
Alissa Cooper Marriott Queen's Park Nov 2 Nov 11
Spencer Dawkins GM Service Apartment November 2nd November 9th Departure on 10th from airport hotel
Benjamin Kaduk
Warren Kumari Marriott Queen’s Park Oct 28th Nov 12th Arriving early for NOC, leaving late for IEEE.
Suresh Krishnan Marriott Queen’s Park Nov 2 late night Nov 9 late night
Mirja Kühlewind
Terry Manderson
Alexey Melnikov
Eric Rescorla
Alvaro Retana Marriott Nov 3rd Late Nov 8th Personal commitment at home on the 9th.
Adam Roach Marriott Queen's Park Nov 1 Nov 14
Martin Vigoureux Marriot Saturday Saturday morning
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