IETF 104 - Prague

This is scratch space for the upcoming IETF meeting; it will be cleared afterwards and reused for the next meeting. Also seethe BOF wiki.

There is a working list of candidate topics for the agenda.

Floor Plans here:

IETF Agenda here:

IESG Agendas

Saturday, 23 March

Hackathon: Location: Grand Ballroom

Sunday, 24 March AM

Hackathon: Location: Grand Ballroom

Sunday, 24 March AM (IESG Only)

Location: Tyrolka
Scribe: Amy
Breakfast at 0830; Meeting 0900 to 1130

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Updates
    • IANA
    • RFC Editor
    • RFC Production Center
    • Secretariat
    • IETF LLC
  • Selection of IESG members for various roles
    • IAB liaison (currently Deborah)
    • Nomcom liaison (currently Adam)
    • Tools liaison (currently Ekr)
    • EDU liaison (currently ?)
    • Communications review team (currently Mirja, Alvaro, Warren)
    • IESG mailing list moderators (currently Terry, Suresh, ?)
  • Re-labeling of scheduling conflicts (Alvaro)
  • Catalogue of common problematic behaviors in the community (Roman, Barry)
  • Meeting rooms policy (Alissa)

Sunday, 24 March (Joint with IAB)

Location: Tyrolka
Scribe: Cindy
Meeting Lunch at 1130; Meeting 1200 to 1400

  • Welcome
  • Area walkthrough for hot topics of the week
    • INT
    • TSV
    • ART
    • OPS
    • SEC
    • GEN
    • IRTF
    • RTG
  • On scheduling and plenaries (Brian)
  • IDNA Expert review process (Ted)
  • Finding out about BCP 190 violations earlier in the doc review process (Ekr)

Other Sunday Events

16:00-17:00: Newcomer Meet-and-Greet (Room: Congress Hall 1/2)

17:00-19:00: Welcome Reception (Room: Congress Hall 1/2)

21:00: AMS / IETF Leadership Wine & Social (Room: Florenc 1/2, Mezzanine Level)

Monday, 25 March AM

No IESG meeting; join the community

Tuesday, 26 March AM

No IESG meeting; join the community

Wednesday, 27 March AM Breakfast (IESG Only)

Location: Tyrolka
Scribe: Amy
Breakfast at 0700; Meeting 0730 to 0850

  • Overflow topics from Sunday
  • Pioneers in Skirts (Barry)
  • Bis document process proposal (Adam)
  • Plenary prep

Thursday, 28 March AM

No IESG meeting; join the community

Friday, 29 March (Joint Lunch with IAB)

Location: Tyrolka
Scribe: Cindy
Time: Lunch at 1300, Meeting 1330-1500

  • Post-meeting review
    • IRTF
    • ART
    • RTG
    • SEC
    • TSV
    • GEN
    • OPS
    • INT
  • Standing Item: Meeting Attendance and Productivity
  • Experiences with the Wednesday agenda experiment and planning for the IETF 105 agenda, including ANRW (Alissa)

Reservations for IESG Breakout Room

Location: Istanbul

Sunday, 24 March

  • 8:00-9:00 Earlier sec review for routing docs (Benjamin, Roman, Deborah, Alvaro, Martin, Alissa)
  • 14:30-15:30 TSV AD Office Hours (Spencer, Mirja, Magnus)

Monday, 25 March

Tuesday, 26 March

  • 7:45-8:45AM LISP Discuss discussion (Deborah, Benjamin, LISP authors and Chairs)

Wednesday, 27 March

Thursday, 28 March

  • 12:20-13:50 Internationalization Directorate (ART ADs)

Friday, 29 March


Arrivals & Hotels

AD Hotel Arrival Departure Notes
Ignas Bagdonas Hilton Friday Saturday
Deborah Brungard Hilton Friday Saturday
Ben Campbell
Alissa Cooper
Roman Danyliw
Spencer Dawkins
Benjamin Kaduk
Warren Kumari
Suresh Krishnan
Mirja Kühlewind
Barry Leiba Hilton Friday Saturday
Terry Manderson
Alexey Melnikov
Eric Rescorla
Alvaro Retana Hilton Saturday Saturday
Adam Roach
Martin Vigoureux
Eric Vyncke Hilton Friday PM Friday PM
Magnus Westerlund Jurys Inn Friday Friday
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