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NomCom 2020 Operations Desired Expertise

Operations and Management

Unlike most IETF areas, the Operations & Management area is logically divided into two separate functions: Network Management and Operations. This year, the Operations AD role is open, so specific expertise required for the open position includes a strong understanding of Internet operations, as well as the ability to step into Network Management issues when necessary.

The primary technical areas covered by the Operations & Management Area include: Various operational issues facing the Internet such as DNS operations, IPv6 operations, Routing operations, Benchmarking, and Network Management and AAA.

The Operations AD is largely responsible for soliciting operator feedback and input regarding IETF work. This is a challenging task that requires strong contacts in the operations community and a great deal of persistence to maintain constructive engagement.

Another important role of the Operations AD is to identify potential or actual operational issues regarding IETF protocols and documents in all areas, and to work with the other areas to resolve those issues. This requires a strong understanding of how new and updated protocols may affect operations, and the ability to gather information from the operations community and translate that information into suggestions for protocol architecture and design within the IETF. It also requires a strong cross-area understanding of IETF protocol architecture and technologies.

The Operations portion of the Ops Area interacts most often with the Routing, Internet and Security areas. So, cross-area expertise in any of those areas would be particularly useful.