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Suggested topics for the next face-to-face meeting

(This page will be cleared out and replaced after each meeting.)

IETF 108, (Online)

1. IoT Operations & Onboarding (Warren & Rob)

There are a number of IoT related topics in the Operations and Management Area - this includes MUD, ANIMA, and other things that keep popping up in OpsAWG. We'd like to discuss having an IoT Operations & Onboarding WG in the Ops Area, which might also do IoT Dispatch type work. Rob and I will flesh the idea out, but I'm putting it on the MeetingTopics wiki so we are committed :-P

2. Proposed IAB program on Evolvability, Deployability, and Maintainability (EDM) (Tommy)

Given this topic would require close coordination with the IESG, the IAB is sneaking for further feedback on the proposed scope. Text describing the proposed program was already sent to the IESG list.

X. Sample Topic (Name)