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Suggested topics for the next face-to-face meeting

(This page will be cleared out and replaced after each meeting.)

IETF 104, Prague

Discuss inviting Ashley Maria and Lea-Ann Berst to talk at the IETF 105 plenary about gender bias and their film "Pioneers in Skirts". (Barry)

They gave the keynote talk at the M3AAWG meeting in February, and it's something I think we should have at the IETF as well. I was thinking that we could have them give the half-hour presentation (as they did at M3AAWG) + Q&A at the plenary, and perhaps have a later-evening option of seeing the 1-hour film (as they also did at M3AAWG, screening the not-quite-done film), which should be finished by IETF 105.

Here's the blurb from the M3AAWG keynote:

Workplace gender-bias persists in ways many of us don’t even realize. The first step is to be aware it happens…all the time, everywhere. The second step is to know what to do about it. They've spent 4 years filming character-driven stories where people confront and work to resolve this issue. Pioneers in Skirts is a character-driven social impact documentary addressing the gender-bias and sexism that can chip away at a woman, hurt her potential, and make her feel like she must re-think her dreams. Check out the movie trailer here

Meeting rooms policy (Alissa)

The LLC Board asked me to kick off a conversation about converting or adapting the IETF Meeting Rooms Policy into a policy that the IESG owns, since it has to do with space available at the meeting venues.

IDNA Expert review process (Ted)

I would like this to be in the joint session. While the IESG is due to finally ballot on draft-faltstrom-unicode11 before the Prague meeting, the overall process here needs review, as it is clear that this process failed. A discussion of the baseline process actually required by the documents is the main topic here, but it may be useful as well to discuss the methods available for dealing with parties who are in the rough.

WG Chairs' Forum discussion about unstructured time and schedule conflicts (Barry)

We're on the agenda for this topic (Tuesday this time). We should talk at the Sunday meeting about specifically what we want to address (outline, discussion), and who wants to participate (besides me; Karen currently has me as the contact point for it).

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