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Media Type Registration Review Practices

Media Type Registration Reviews - Internet Drafts

Section 5 of RFC 4288 and Section 2.2 of RFC 4289 describe media type registration procedures. Note the requirement for community review on the ietf-types@… mailing list for registrations in the standards tree. As described in Section 2.2.1 of RFC 4289, the review period is two weeks.

An AD who requests IESG evaluation of a media type registration must confirm that ietf-types review was requested and completed. If an internet-draft is being evaluated this should be done by noting the date of the request and actions taken as a result of the review in the ballot write-up. If the review is taking place as part of a management item (to review a registration request received from another standards body (*) without an internet-draft, which is the current exception) the date and review results should be included in the text for the management item.

(*) Note: IESG decides if a particular Standards Body is recognized or not. Typically organization that have established liaison with IETF are considered "recognized". However this is not the only criterion. Well known Standardization Bodies that publish open and stable specifications should be considered "recognized". In a case when IESG decides that it doesn't recognize a particular organization, IESG can ask the requestor to publish the MIME type registration as an Internet Draft and request an AD sponsored publication.

The review request should be visible in the archives of the ietf-types mailing list. The archives can be found here:

(Note that the old archive was at <>)

An IESG telechat management item is needed to review and approve standards tree registrations that are not documented in an I-D. A management item is scheduled by sending a request to the Secretariat at iesg-secretary@…. The usual telechat scheduling deadlines apply. The request must contain text telling the Secretariat what you want done and the information that needs to be reviewed. Here is an example:

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To: iesg-secretary@…
cc: iesg@…
Subject: Approval of <media type> Media Type


Please notify IANA with a cc to ietf-announce that the IESG has approved the MIME type registration request described below. This request was reviewed and approved during the <date> telechat. Please use the text included below to announce this approval.

Thank you, <your signature>

Media Type Registration Reviews - Standards Tree/No Internet Draft

The IESG has approved a request to register the "<media type>" MIME media type in the standards tree. This media type is a product of the <insert organization name>.

The IESG contact persons are <App AD> and <App AD>. The registration template can be found at this location:

<Insert URL to the formal specification for the type. Note that it MUST contain a copy of the registration template>

Comments were received and addressed. <Describe any issues that came up during the review>. An archive of the discussion can be found here:<URL-to-start-of-thread>