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Informal Telechat 20-September-2012

Web Ex URL:

1. Administrivia

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Bash the Agenda

2. Document Discussions

2.1 draft name (your name)

3. Management Issues

3.1 Expert Reviewers for RFC6711: An IANA Registry for Level of Assurance (LoA) Profiles (Sean)

Having not done this before I thought I'd ask on the informal call before putting it on the formal call. I'd like to set up an ietf mailing list for an expert pool for folks requesting assignments in:

The folks who have agreed to be on the list: Jim Fenton, Joni Brennan, John Bradley, Lucy Lynch, and Leif Johansson.

Do I just put a management item on, get it agreed that the expert can be found at list-name@…, get a mailing list, and I'm done?

3.2 Tying up loose ends, part 1: the Mini Note Well Summary (Barry)

We seem to have gotten consensus on this:

What's the next step toward using this by Atlanta?

3.3 Tying up loose ends, part 2: The draft boilerplate change (Barry)

We talked about having a specific boilerplate for cases where we are publishing something (such as documentation of a vendor-specific mechanism) where the community has consensus to publish, but consensus on the content doesn't make sense. We seem to have consensus on this:

What do we have to do next with this?

3.4 Tying up loose ends, part 3: The document shepherd writeup revision (Barry)

I've gotten and posted feedback on the current proposal for a new shepherd writeup format:

The feedback is at least somewhat favourable, and I've asked a couple of shepherds to try it out. The first writeup has come in (to Pete), but we haven't acted on it yet. It looks good, at least as I see it; it's what I had in mind, at least.

Is it time to try it out with a few more shepherds? Are other ADs willing to give it a shot? Are we willing to change the ballot text correspondingly, at least for the trial cases?

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