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Informal Telechat 2011-03-10

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1. Administrivia

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Bash the Agenda

2. Document Discussions

2.1 draft-larmouth-oid-iri (Alexey)

This URI scheme was registered as provisional. The draft hasn't been updated for more than a year. Should I complain to ITU-T?

2.2 draft-bryan-metalinkhttp (Alexey)

Lars, can you check the latest version if your DISCUSS was addressed. If it wasn't, can you please update your DISCUSS to make it clearer what is left to be addressed.

2.3 draft-ietf-tsvwg-iana-ports (Alexey)

All DISCUSSes on -10 were cleared.

Lars/David: I've asked TSVWG chairs to authorize a TSVWG replacement for draft-touch-tsvwg-port-use, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Q1: What is TSVWG process for accepting new drafts?
Q2: Should I insist of this replacement being done? Joe Touch has agreed to that. I think it would pacify some reviewers who wanted this to be under a WG control.

2.4 draft-cakulev-mikey-ibake (Tim)

Jari, I believe that Violeta Cakulev sent email in an attempt to resolve your issues (Sept 22 and Feb 3) Could you look at these and determine whether your issues have been addressed?

3. Management Issues

3.1. Errata 2661 (Sean)

I'm curious what to do about errata 2661:

This errata was generated as a result of progressing another IPSECME WG document and there is support for this change. But, I'd like to know whether we should right this kind of thing down. Robert has discouraged people from doing this, but it's not clear that the change had community support.

Should I verify this errata?

3.2. Tracking of MIME type registrations from other SDOs in IESG trac (Alexey)

Pete/Peter, I've made a proposal that IESG process for reviewing MIME type registrations submitted directly by other SDOs should be updated to log major stages in IESG's trac. E.g. "registration received by IESG, but the registration request was rejected due to incomplete registration template", "ietf-type@… review completed", etc. Any reason not to do that (or a suggestion for better process)?

3.3. Pro-active mailing list management (Alexey)

I have one WG which generates so much volume that I am thinking about introducing full moderation (i.e. *all* posts are to be moderated).

In relationship to this:

1) Is this a good idea?

2) If this is an Ok idea, can mailman do that?

3.4. Progressing RFC 5343, RFC 5590, RFC 5591, and RFC 5953 to Proposed Standard (Sean)

An implementation report has been compiled for RFC 5343, RFC 5590, RFC 5591, and RFC 5953:


Do I just send a note to the secretariat to add this to the implementation report page and issue a last call pointing to it?

3.5. Sending messages on DISCUSS and COMMENT a default action(Dan)

Almost at each telechat we have instances of forgetting to press the Save and Send button after we enter a DISCUSS or a COMMENT. The result is that excepting the commenting AD nobody knows that an DISCUSS was enterred, unless we poll the tracker, and this is not easy to see if there are already DISCUSSes. Is there any reason not to make a future change in the tracker that makes the sending of the message a default action? Anyway the content of DISCUSSes is now visible.

3.6. 2nd IETF LC for TLS suites for ARIA (Sean)

The 2nd IETF LC call has completed. Nobody objected to adding the new suites. Do I need to bring it back to the IESG or can we just add them during AUTH48?

3.7. Merging OPS OPEN Area and OPSAWG Meetings at IETF 80 (Ron & Dan)

Because the OPS Open Area and OPSAWG meetings both have very light agendas, we would like to merge the two into one meeting.

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