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Informal Telechat - January 17, 2019

Web Ex URL (updated 2015-09-09):

PLEASE NOTE: The current calendar subscription URL is at (updated 12/14/2016):

Note: If no items have been added to this wiki 24 hours before the telechat, then the telechat is cancelled. ADs should feel free to add items after that time, as long as there is *something* on the agenda 24 hours in advance.

1. Administrivia

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Bash the Agenda

2. Document Discussions

2.x Issue (... who ...)

3. Management Issues

3.1 Disclosing funding sources in IESG bios (Alissa)

Pick up discussion started over email.

3.2 Closure on "Updates" Discussion. Really, this time! (Ben)

Based on our discussion in Bangkok about the response to our proposed statement on "Updates", I proposed some text back in December to close the discussion thread. From the response it is not clear to me that we really have a consensus to handle this informally vs making a formal IESG statement. I'd like to make one more attempt at at least a rough consensus.

The proposed text is at

3.3 AIs/Decisions/Multi-Step Projects (Alvaro)

After discussion and planning with Alexa and Amy, I sent 3 separate messages to the list about my open action items related to tracking AIs/Decisions/Multi-Step Projects. The messages have the current status and questions/comments for discussion on moving forward. These are 3 separate topics:

Tracking IESG Action Items:

Documenting IESG Decisions:

Multi-Step IESG Project Tracking:

3.4 Closure on mail to respond to DT [rt#249122] (Deborah)

Who will send - Alissa?

3.5 HotRFC changes for IETF-104 (Spencer)

See mail to IESG with subject: "HotRFC changes for IETF-104".

This was added about 12 hours before the telechat. I THINK it's FYI for the IESG, and I agree with Aaron's proposed changes.

If we're OK with Spencer working on this with Aaron for IETF 104, I'm happy to do that. If we need to talk, we can push this forward to the next informal telechat, and I can ask Aaron to be available to talk with us.

3.6 IAB Early News (Deborah)

A couple of items from yesterday's meeting agenda that may be of interest.

3.x Issue (... who ...)

4. WG News (all)

Any news that would have a cross-WG or cross-area impact?

4.x Issue (... who ...)

5. Executive Sessions

5.x Issue (... who ...)

6. Parking place

6.x Issue (... who ...)

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