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Informal Telechat - November 29, 2018

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Note: If no items have been added to this wiki 24 hours before the telechat, then the telechat is cancelled. ADs should feel free to add items after that time, as long as there is *something* on the agenda 24 hours in advance.

1. Administrivia

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Bash the Agenda

2. Document Discussions

2.x Issue (... who ...)

3. Management Issues

3.x Issue (... who ...)

3.1 Tao approval (Alissa)

3.2 Exit strategy for HotRFC from "experiment" to "part of IETF week" (Spencer)

We need to figure out (1) whether we agree that HotRFC is useful enough to keep doing it, after three IETF meetings, (2) figure out what we've learned, and (3) figure out whether there's anything that "we" can do to be helpful between "I did my HotRFC pitch" and "here's the new work proposal/BOF request".

3.3 IETF 103 plenary follow-up (Alissa)

Time to discuss toxic working groups, training, and other topics arising from the plenary Q&A.

3.4 IESG Mailing List Membership Visibility (Adam)

Currently, the list recipients of mail sent to "iesg@…" is available only to the list administrators (see, while the membership of most other mailing lists hosted on are visible to all subscribers of the list. This unavailability of list membership makes it difficult for IESG members to make informed decisions about whether to send messages to iesg-only@… or iesg@…. Should we consider changing the mailman configuration to allow subscribers to see the current subscriber list?

4. WG News (all)

Any news that would have a cross-WG or cross-area impact?

5. Executive Sessions

5.x Issue (... who ...)

6. Parking place

6.x Issue (... who ...)

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