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The IETF exists based on the individuals that participate in the standards process RFC2026. Our actions and values drive the actuality of how the IETF Standards Process works.

The IETF's mission is to make the Internet work better RFC3935. We understand that technology must be considered in the contexts of its use.

The goals of the Internet Standards Process are:

  • Technical excellence.
  • Prior implementation and testing.
  • Clear, concise, and easily understood documentation.
  • Openness and fairness; and
  • Timeliness.

To support technical excellence, we:

  • Use rough consensus decision making to capture all technical concerns.
  • Pick the best engineering idea and refine it.
  • Bring subject-matter knowledge and confidence in our technical understanding.
  • Can take risks in technical approach for high potential benefit.

To encourage prior implementation and testing, we:

  • Are practical and engineer solutions to real problems that consider operations.
  • Encourage experience from early implementations to refine our technologies.
  • Are connected to the wider community.

To support clear, concise, and easily understood documentation, we:

  • Use technology to improve our technology.
  • Listen carefully and are willing to change.

To support openness and fairness, we:

  • Strive for a welcoming and connected community that builds mutual trust and respect.
  • Participate as trustworthy individuals.
  • Are inclusive and know different perspectives find different technical issues and solutions.

To support timeliness, we:

  • Proactively discuss and resolve issues.
  • Refine our workflow to balance speed and technical excellence.
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