The IEEE 802 Exec Com, the IESG, and the IAB will meet in the Bay Area on 25 July 2012.

Cisco will host the meeting in Bldg 24 on the Cisco campus, which is located at the east end of Tasman Drive near the intersection of Rt. 237 and I-880. The exact location is:

Cisco Building 24 (SJC-24)
Boiler Maker conference room (1st floor)
510 McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035

SJC-24 Location

Hotel info

These hotels are across the street from SJC-24:

  • Staybridge Suites
  • Hampton Inn
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Homestead Studio
  • Extended Stay
  • Howthorn Suites

These hotels are on the other side of CA-237 (still walkable):

  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Larkspur Landing

About Milpitas (hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc)


8:30AM Breakfast

9-9:30AM Introductions, Goals of the meeting

9:30-10AM short introduction to IETF Areas, how IETF works, how decisions are made, how liaisons are managed

10-10:30AM short introduction to IEEE 802 WGs, how IEEE 802 works, how decisions are made, how liaisons are managed

10:30-10:45AM coffee break

10:45AM-12PM discussion about how to collaborate and manage relationship, exchange information about new work when charters are discussed, share information about IETF Last Calls and IEEE 802 Ballots, access to work-in-progress documents

12-1:30PM lunch

12:30 - 1:30PM - Executive Session on Inter-SDO Relationships (IEEE Executive Committee, IAB, IESG members only)

1:30 - 3:00PM discuss specific areas where collaboration is needed

3:00 - 3:15PM coffee break

3:15 - 3:30PM impact of virtualization on the architecture of IEEE 802 and IETF protocols

3:30 - 4PM action items, follow-up methods, plans for next meeting

For the 1:30-3PM slot, 4 example areas have been selected for a high-level discussion to develop understanding of the kinds of collaboration needed:

  • IETF Mobile IP, mif, and Wireless Mesh Networks: IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.21, IEEE 802.16 Heterogeneous Networks Study Group (OmniRAN), 802.15 L2 Mesh Under Routing Study Group
  • IETF use of IEEE 802 standards (IETF TRILL Fine-grained labeling proposed reuse of IEEE 802.1 tag format, IETF BFD and IEEE 802.1AX)
  • IETF NVO3 and IEEE 802.1 DCB
  • transfer of Ethernet MIB work from IETF to IEEE 802.3

Meeting materials are available at

Arrivals & Hotels

Name Affiliation Arrival Departure Notes E-mail address
(for guest hotspot)
(for guest hotspot)
Dietary restrictions
Russ Housley IETF Chair 24-July-2012 26-July-2012
Barry Leiba IESG 24-July-2012, SFO 16:09 (UA 71) 26-July-2012 Crowne Plaza barryleiba@… Huawei Technologies
Joel Halpern IAB 23-July-2012 27-July-2012 Likely stay at Crowne Plaza
Stephen Farrell IESG 24-July-2012 28-July-2012 no hotel yet stephen.farrell@… Trinity College Dublin
Dave Thaler IAB 25-July 25-July arriving SJC 8:50am so will get to meeting a bit late dthaler@… Microsoft
Bernard Aboba IAB Chair 24-July 25-July Hotel TBD bernard_aboba@… Microsoft No pork or MSG
Dan Romascanu IETF/IEEE-SA liaison 20-July-2012 26-July-2012 hotel Embassy Suites Milpitas dromasca@… AVAYA
Stewart Bryant IESG 23-July-2012 27-July-2012 Crowne Plaza not needed Cisco
Lars Eggert IRTF Chair July 23 or 24 July 26 or 27
Benoit Claise IESG TBD TBD Likely stay at the Hilton Garden Inn
Sean Turner IESG 24-July-2012 26-July-2012
Ralph Droms IESG 23-July-2012 27-July-2012 Hampton Inn
Danny McPherson? IAB 25-July-2012 SF danny@… Verisign
Cindy Morgan IAB scribe local local cmorgan@… AMS
Robert Sparks IESG 24-July 25-July (departure date may be later)
Spencer Dawkins IAB 24-July 26-July Will be going straight to Vancouver spencer@…
Pat Thaler 802 Vice-Chair 24-July 25-July Homestead Suites pthaler@… Broadcom no pork or shellfish
Subir Das 802.21 Chair 24-July 26-July Hotel TBD sdas@… Applied Communication Sciences No beef or pork
David Kessens IAB N/A N/A Local david.kessens@… Nokia Siemens Networks No meat/fish - egg/cheese ok
Michael Johas Teener 802.1 AVB Task Group Chair n/a n/a Local m@… Broadcom Corp
Paul Ungehagen 802.1 invited expert 24-July-2012 25-July-2012 hotel TBD paul@… AVAYA
Howard Frazier 802.3 MIB Task Group chair N/A N/A Local hfrazier@… Broadcom Corp
Geoff Thompson 802.23 Chair and EC member N/A N/A Local thompson@… GraCaSI S.A.
Jon Rosdahl 802 Executive Secretary, 802.11 Vice Chair TBD TBD Hotel TBD Jrosdahl@… CSR Technologies Inc.
Don Fedyk 802.1 invited expert 24-July-2012 27-July-2012 Hampton Inn donald.fedyk@… Alcatel-Lucent
Roger Marks 802.16 Chair 24 July 27 July Hampton Inn r.b.marks@… Consensii LLC
Charles Perkins 802.16 invited expert 25-July 25-July Local charliep@… Futurewei
Gonzalo Camarillo IESG 24-July-2012 26-July-2012 Crowne Plaza Gonzalo.Camarillo@… Ericsson
Dorothy Stanley 802.11 liaison to IETF 24-July-2012 26-July-2012 TBD dstanley@… Aruba Networks
Norman Finn 802.1 invited expert lives locally nfinn@… Cisco
Tony Jeffree 802.1 Chair 24-July-2012 26-July-2012 Crowne Plaza tony@… Consultant
Paul Nikolich 802 Chair 24-JUL-2012 26JUL2012 TBD p.nikolich@… IEEE 802 Chairman
Ross Callon IAB 24-JUL-2012 26JUL2012 TBD rcallon@… IAB
Bruce Kraemer 802.11 Chair 24-JUL-2012 25JUL2012 TBD bkraemer@… 802.11 Chair
Juan-Carlos Zúñiga past 802.21 vice chair 24-July-2012 26-July-2012 TBD j.c.zuniga@… InterDigital LLC
Mary Barnes IAB 24-July-2012 26-July-2012 TBD mary.ietf.barnes@… Polycom Gluten-free
Dave Halasz 802.11 task group chair 24-July-2012 25-July-2012 Hyatt Place Fremont Silicon Valley dave.halasz@… Motorola Mobility
Mark Hamilton 802.11 ARC 24-July-2012 25-July-2012 Crowne Plaza mark.hamilton@… Polycom
Adrian Farrel IESG 22-July-2012 26-July-2012 TBD adrian@… Juniper Veggie
Gabor BajkoPAWS chair, 802.11ai vice-chairN/AN/ALocalGabor.Bajko@…NokiaGluten free
Steve MillsIEEE Standards Association PresidentN/AN/ALocalsteve.mills@…HP
Donald Eastlake802.1124 July27 JulyBiltmore Hotel & Suitesd3e3e3@…Huawei Technolgies
Andrew Myles802.11 IETF liaisonbefore 25 Julyafter 27 July tbd amyles@…Cisco
Glenn Parsons802.1 vice chair, RAC chair, IEEE-SA BOG25 July26 July Crown Plaza glenn.parsons@…Ericsson
Eric Gray IETF Liaison Manager to IEEE 802.1 20 July 27 July Crowne Plaza eric.gray@… Ericsson
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