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Draft Note Well Summary

Just a quick little wiki page to keep our latest draft of a summary "Note Well" to bring to the rest of the IETF. Here's the current draft (italics show recent changes):

Note Well

The brief summary:

  • This summary is only meant to point you in the right direction, and doesn't have all the nuances; see below for the details.
  • By participating with the IETF, you agree to follow IETF processes.
  • If you are aware that a contribution of yours (something you write, say, or discuss in any IETF context) is covered by patents or patent applications, you need to disclose that fact.
  • You understand that meetings might be recorded and broadcast.

The details:

Then under "The details", it would say different things for different places. For the web page that appears on the IETF web site and when you register, it should have the current contents of the "Note Well" message. For the one you show on a slide to a WG meeting:

For further information, talk to a chair, ask an Area Director, or review BCP 9 (on the Internet Standards Process), BCP 25 (on the Working Group processes), BCP78 (on the IETF Trust) , and BCP 79 (on Intellectual Property Rights in the IETF).

Previous versions of paragraph 2:

  • (2a) Original IESG version: If you write, say, or discuss anything in the IETF, formally or informally, (all of which we call "a contribution") that you know is covered by a patent or patent application you or your employer own, one of you must disclose that.
  • (2b) Longer community version: Anything that you write, say, or discuss in the IETF, formally or informally, either at an IETF meeting or in another IETF venue such as a mailing list, is an IETF contribution. If you believe that any contribution of yours is covered by a patent or patent application controlled by you or an organization with which you are affiliated, you must disclose it or arrange for that organization to disclose it.