Draft Note Well Summary

Just a quick little wiki page to keep our latest draft of a shorter summary "Note Well".. Here's the current draft. The text in the last bullet comes from the lawyers who reviewed the web privacy statement, and covers US ad EU law, at least.

Note Well

This summary does not contain all the details and is only meant to point you in the right direction. Exceptions may apply. The IETF's patent policy and the definition of an IETF "contribution" are set forth in BCP 79; please read it carefully.

The brief summary:

  • By participating with the IETF, you agree to follow IETF processes and policies.
  • If you are aware that any contribution to the IETF is covered by patents or patent applications that are owned by, controlled by, or would benefit you or your sponsor, you must disclose that fact, or not participate in the discussion.
  • As a participant in any IETF activity you acknowledge that written, audio and video records of meetings may be made and may be available to the public, and that recordings of you or your likeness, voice and conduct at the recorded event may be displayed, transmitted, copied, used and promoted in electronic and physical media accessible throughout the world.
  • Personal information that you provide to IETF will be handled in accordance with the IETF Privacy Statement.

For further information, talk to a chair, ask an Area Director, or review the following:
BCP 9 (on the Internet Standards Process)
BCP 25 (on the Working Group processes)
BCP 78 (on copyright in IETF documents)
BCP 79 (on patents covering IETF documents)
TBD (on IETF Privacy Statement)

(There's also a page for a draft statement for Git repositories, which is based on this.)

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