Document Language Editing Session for IETF 89 in London

VNFpool problem statement (Zongning)

I believe that further improvement on the language of this I-D is very important for the upcoming VNFPool BoF (approved) in London, especially for a wider community to understand the new terms, concepts, and background of the proposed new work in IETF.

PCE Protocol Extensions for Link Bandwidth Utilization (Qin Wu)

"Extensions to Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) for handling Link Bandwidth Utilization"

This document is chosen as an example of one of Qin's documents that is likely to make progress in a working group and has authors of three different nationalities.

PPSP Tracker Protocol-Base Protocol (Lingli Deng)

This draft has been mostly drafted by Chinese co-authors and obviously need improvement on language in order to be further moved forward.

MPL Parameter Configuration Option for DHCPv6 (Yusuke DOI)

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