How to recharter a WG.

These instructions describe how to re-charter an existing working once there is proposed text. To charter a new WG see [NewCharteringProcess].

  • Go to the WG's page in the datatracker (e.g.,<WG name>/about/;
  • Near the top of the page, note a link to the charter with a little yellow "Approved" flag next to it. Click on the charter link, to go to the charter page (e.g.,;<WG name>/)
  • Click on the "Recharter" button. On the resulting page, either paste in new charter text, or upload a text file with the charter. Click on the "Submit" button.
  • On the next screen, hit the "Initiate chartering" button. This action put the charter of this WG into the state "Draft Charter."
  • If the charter is ready for review, then proceed to the next step immediately. From the charter page (e.g.,<WG Name>/), click the "Edit" button next to the State. On the next page, choose "Start Chartering/Rechartering (Internal IESG/IAB Review)" and click the "Save & notify secretariat" button.
  • The Secretariat is now prompted to add this charter change to the telechat agenda.
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