Annual Timeline for the IETF Chair

The IETF year starts with the First IETF, normally held in March. However, this timeline for the IETF Chair, IESG Chair, and General AD starts about ten weeks earlier.


IETF1: the First IETF, normally in March.
IETF2: the Second IETF, normally in July.
IETF3: the Third IETF, normally in November.
IETFn-x: x weeks before IETFn, e.g. IETF1-4.
IETFn+x: x weeks after IETFn, e.g. IETF2+3.

The Year

(All dates are approximate. Many items have undoubtedly been forgotten.)

January: Check that IETF dates are already set and announced for two and three years out, and that locations are set for this year and next year. If not, start panic in IAOC.

IETF1-10 through IETF1+4: See generic IETFn timeline below.

IETF1-4: Get confirmed Nom Com results (see IesgNomcom). Check that all new ADs are added to relevant lists by the Secretariat, send them personal welcomes, ensure that they receive basic logistics for all IESG meetings at IETF1 and for all future conference calls. Confirm conference call dates for the coming months. (Normally, the Secretariat plans these dates.)

IETF1-4: Propose date and place for Spring IESG retreat.

IETF1-4: In even numbered years only, the IESG process for nominating an IAOC member should be finished by now. See BCP113, RFC4333.

IETF1 week: IESG must appoint new liaison to IAB. It is also a good time to select the liaison for the NomCom?; this person will not have much to do right now, but knowing who will do it avoids tapping the same people for too much. Any other special jobs performed by retiring members must be reassigned. Confirm schedule for formal and informal telechats. Finalize date and place for Spring IESG retreat.

IETF1 week: now or soon after, review team leader appointments (EDU, PROTO, TOOLS etc) and charters. Reviewing General Area WG charters now would be a good idea too.

IETF1+2: Fix logistics, agenda and session leaders for Spring IESG retreat.

April: Expect to get ISOC Trustee nomination from the IAB for confirmation by the IESG.

IETF1+4: Ensure ISOC President is busy selecting new Nom Com chair. Supply possible names if necessary.

IETF2-10 through IETF2+4: See generic IETFn timeline below.

IETF2-4: check that Nom Com process has started up properly. See BCP10, RFC3777 for the full timeline. Soon, the Nom Com chair will need the list of IESG posts to be filled.

IETF2+4: Soon, the Nom Com will need the full description of the IESG posts to be filled.

IETF3-10 through IETF3+4: See generic IETFn timeline below.

October of odd numbered years: Start process for IAOC seat selection by IESG, with a detailed timeline. See BCP113, RFC4333. This timeline must end by IETF1-4 next year. (In even numbered years, the IAB should be doing this by now.)

Generic Timeline for IETF-n

IETFn-10: Decide with General Area sessions are needed and ensure scheduling requests and agendas are being prepared. Schedule the BOF call for week IETFn-7, and start pinging ADs to put info in the BOF wiki.

IETFn-8: Deadline for WG scheduling and BOF requests should be next week. Ensure that reminders are sent.

IETFn-7: IAB/IESG joint call to discuss BOFs should be this week.

IETFn-5: Check that IETF agenda rescheduling to avoid clashes is under control.

IETFn-4: Arrangements and draft agendas for all IESG meetings at IETFn should be set, including joint meetings with IAB.

IETFn-4: Arrangements and draft agendas for all General Area meetings and WGs at IETF1 should be set.

IETFn-4: Plenary agenda and presenters should be set.

IETFn-4: The IAD should have reported to the IAOC "all is well" for IETFn logistics.

IETFn-2: Final agendas and logistics for all IESG meetings at IETFn should be set.

IETFn-2: Final agendas for all General Area meetings and WGs at IETFn should be set.

IETFn-2: Meetings with IAOC, IANA, RFC Editor, Secretariat at IETFn should be set. Also check for any ISOC Advisory Council or Board meetings at the IETF site.

IETFn week: The agenda drives you and you drive it.

IETFn+2: Presentations and draft minutes should all be uploaded by now.

IETFn+4: Support Secretariat and other ADs in getting missing minutes from WGs.

IETFn+4: Plan General Area sessions at next IETF. In particular, any likely BOF topics should be known by now. It's only three weeks until IETF(n+1)-10! Ensure the Secretariat schedule for IETF(n+1) is correct. Nobody else will check until too late.

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