Archive of Past IESG Projects

  • 2ndRetreat - agenda bash for possible 2nd retreat in 2019
  • QuickWorkingGroups - Quickly chartering short-lived, tightly scoped working groups with short schedules (Barry and Pete)
  • NumberOfAuthors - IESG Statement on the Number of Authors in an IETF Document (Alvaro and Terry)

Some abandoned or obsolete stuff that's nonetheless useful to save

  • DraftShepherdWriteupWgAlternate - A new proposal for a radical change to the shepherd writeup, as discussed at IETF 84. This is a version that strips out all the yes/no sorts of things and instead asks for a paragraph or two of information in each of five categories. (This is now part of the normal shepherd writeup documentation.)
  • DraftBoilerplateChange - A draft of a change to the boilerplate for cases where we are publishing something (such as documentation of a vendor-specific mechanism) where the community has consensus to publish, but consensus on the content doesn't make sense. (The IAB has chosen not to approve this, but the text is still useful as an IESG note in such documents.)
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