The IEEE 802 Exec Com, the IESG, and the IAB will meet in Prague on Saturday, 15 July 2017 from 1200-1900.

Venue and Accomodations

Hilton Prague
Pobrezni 1
Prague, Czech Republic 186 00
Room: Tyrolka

Agenda (preliminary)

12:00 Lunch

12:30 YANG models (Benoit)

13:00 48-bit and 64-bit MAC Addresses Interworking (Bob H.)

13:30 Network Slicing (Deborah)

14:00 Breakout 1

Topic 1: Where is collaboration needed for Security?

Topic 2: Where is collaboration needed for IoT?

14:45 Break

15:00 Report out on Breakout 1

15:15 Time-sensitive Networking/DETNET (Norm)

15:45 5G (Jeff and Glenn)

16:15 FlexE (Deborah)

16:45 Breakout 2

Topic 1: Privacy. What is being done? What more should we do?

Topic 2: Multicast and Wireless.

17:30 Break

17:45 Report out on Breakout 2

18:00 Low Latency (Mirja)

18:30 Any other business

Remote Participation

No one requested to join remotely.


Name SDO Position Notes E-mail address Affiliation Dietary restrictions
Cindy Morgan IAB Exec. Admin. Manager cmorgan@… AMS
Pat Thaler IEEE 802 1st Vice Chair pat.thaler@… Broadcom Ltd no pork or shellfish
Dan Romascanu IETF and IEEE 802 contributor dromasca@… none
Jodi Haasz IEEE-SA International Affairs Senior Manager j.haasz@… IEEE-SA
Benoit Claise IESG OPS AD bclaise@… Cisco
Warren Kumari IESG OPS AD warren@… Google
Alia Atlas IETF Routing AD akatlas@… Juniper Networks
Russ Housley IETF / IEEE-SA Liaison Manager housley@… Vigil Security
Jeff Tantsura IAB will join around 2pm jefftant.ietf@… Futurewei
János Farkas IEEE 802.1 TSN TG Chair janos.farkas@… Ericsson
Jon Rosdahl IEEE 802 Executive Secretary jrosdahl@… Qualcomm
Suresh Krishnan IESG INT AD Will attend as needed suresh@… Kaloom Vegetarian
Ben Campbell IESG ART AD ben@… Oracle
Donald Eastlake 802.11ak Chair d3e3e3@… Huawei
Pascal Thubert 6TiSCH & LPWAN Chair pthubert@… Cisco
Eric Gray IETF-IEEE 802.1 LM eric.gray@… Ericsson
Subir Das IEEE802.21 Chair Will join around 1:30pm subirdas21@… Vencore Labs
Ted Hardie IAB Chair ted.ietf@… Google
Glenn Parsons IEEE 802.1 chair glenn.parsons@… Ericsson
Deborah Brungard IETF Routing AD db3546@… AT&T
Erik Nordmark IAB Will attend as needed nordmark@…
Yan Zhuang IEEE 802.3cf YANG project Chair zhuangyan.zhuang@… Huawei
Norman Finn IEEE 802.1 TSN editor and participant norman.finn@… Huawei
Alvaro Retana IETF Routing AD aretana@… Cisco
Dorothy Stanley IEEE 802.11 Vice Chair dorothy.stanley@… Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jari Arkko IAB Will attend partially only jari.arkko@… Ericsson
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