The IEEE 802 Exec Com, the IESG, and the IAB will meet in Orlando on March 16, 2013.

Preliminary Agenda (subject to change)

8:30AM Breakfast

9:00-9:30AM Introductions (including new IESG and IAB members), goals of the meeting

9:30-10:00AM - Status of 4441bis (Spencer)

10:00-10:45AM - Status of the Shared Areas work (Dan, Pat)

10:45-11:00AM - coffee break

11:00-11:45AM - Processes and communication between the IETF and IEEE 802 - what we learned in the last eight months, what can be improved (Dan, Pat)

11:45AM-12:00PM - Recent End-Runs on IETF and IEEE 802 Standards (Russ)

12:00-1:15PM - lunch (the core leadership teams will meet in executive session during lunch)

1:15-1:45PM - OmniRAN Study Group (Max Riegel)

1:45-2:15PM - Time Protocols Unification - 802.1AS/1588 and NTP (Michael Johas Teener)

2:15-3:00PM - Dealing with Regulators (Mike Lynch)

3:00 - 3:15PM coffee break

3:15-4PM - action items and planning work ahead

Participants List:

Name SDO Position Notes E-mail address Affiliation Dietary restrictions
Dan Romascanu IETF/IEEE-SA liaison dromasca@… AVAYA
Russ Housley Outgoing IETF Chair housley@… Vigil Security
Joel Halpern IAB Member jmh@… Ericsson non-pork please
Roger Marks IEEE 802.16 WG Chair r.b.marks@… Consensii
Pete Resnick IETF Applications AD presnick@… Qualcomm Technologies
Barry Leiba IETF Applications AD barryleiba@… Huawei Technologies
Brian Haberman IETF Internet AD brian@… Johns Hopkins University
Ralph Droms IETF Internet AD rdroms.ietf@… Cisco gluten-free
Spencer Dawkins IAB Member spencer@… Huawei
Pat Thaler IEEE 802 Vice-chair pthaler@… Broadcom no-pork or shellfish
Dorothy Stanley Liaison IEEE 802.11 to IETF dstanley@… Aruba Networks
Paul Nikolich IEEE 802 Chairman p.nikolich@… self employed
Don Fedyk donald.fedyk@… Alcatel-Lucent
Cindy Morgan IETF Secretariat (scribe) cmorgan@… AMS
Buzz Rigsbee IEEE-802 Meeting Manager brigsb@… self none
Glenn Parsons IEEE 802.1 VC, IEEE RAC chair glenn.parsons@… Ericsson
Howard Frazier IEEE 802.3.1 chair hfrazier@… Broadcom
Ted Lemon IETF Internet AD (incoming) Ted.Lemon@… Nominum lacto-ovo vegetarian
Martin Stiemerling IETF Transport AD martin.stiemerling@… NEC
Bob Heile IEEE 802.15 WG Chair bheile@… ZigBee Alliance no processed food or food with added sugar or sweeteners
Max Riegel IEEE 802 OmniRAN ECSG Chair max.riegel@… Nokia Siemens Networks lacto-ovo vegetarian
Adrian Farrel IETF Routing AD adrian@… Juniper Networks lapsed vegetarian
David Law IEEE 802.3 Chair dlaw@… HP
Gonzalo Camarillo IETF RAI AD Gonzalo.Camarillo@… Ericsson
Geoff Thompson 802 Exec thompson@… GraCaSI low sodium
Bernard Aboba IAB bernard_aboba@… Microsoft No meat
Heather Flanagan RFC Series Editor rse@rfc-editor-org gluten/dairy free
Tony Jeffree IEEE 802.1 Chair tony@… HP, Broadcom Omnivore
Michael Johas Teener | IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking TG Chair mikejt@… Broadcom food
Jari Arkko Incoming IETF Chair jari.arkko@… Ericsson
Juan Carlos Zuniga IEEE 802 OmniRAN ECSG vice-chair juancarlos.zuniga@… Interdigital
Jon Rosdahl IEEE 802 Exec Secretary jrosdahl@… CSR
Karen McCabe? IEEE-SA Senior Director k.mccabe@… IEEE
Subir Das IEEE 802.21 WG Chair subirdas21@… ACS
Mike Lynch IEEE 802.18 TAG Chair freqmgr@… MJ Lynch & Associates LLC |
Steve Mills IEEE-SA Past-Presidet steve.mills@… IEEE
Richard Barnes IETF RAI AD rlb@… BBN
James Gilb IEEE 802.24 Smart Grid TAG Chair, IEEE 802 2nd Vice Chair gilb@… Tensorcom
Hannes Tschofenig IAB Member hannes.tschofenig@… Nokia Siemens Networks
Dave Thaler IAB Member dthaler@… Microsoft
Apurva N. Mody IEEE 802.22 Chair Apurva.mody@… BAE Systems and WhiteSpace? Alliance
Bruce Kraemer IEEE 802.11 Chair bkraemer@… Marvell Semiconductor
Lars Eggert IRTF Chair lars@… NetApp?
Benoit Claise OPS AD bclaise@… Cisco
Stewart Bryant RTG AD stbryant@… Cisco
Xing Li IAB Member xing.cernet@… Tsinghua University/CERNET Center
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