wiki:draft-ietf-rfc5575bis implementations

draft-ietf-rfc5575bis Implementations


Implementation Version Reported by
Arbor Sightline 9.0 Kirill Kasavchenko
ExaBGP 4.0.10 Thomas Mangin
Juniper Networks JunOS 19.1 Jeffrey Haas
Cisco IOS-XE 3.15S Betrand Duvivier
Cisco IOS-XR 5.2.x Betrand Duvivier
Huawei VRP V800R018 Jie Dong

Feature Support

# Protocol Feature Arbor Sightline ExaBGP Juniper Cisco IOS-XE 3.155S Cisco IOS-XR 5.2.x Huawei VRP V800R018
1 4. Decode/encode NLRI (Type1-12) Yes Yes Yes Yes (IPv4 & IPv6) Yes (IPv4 & IPv6) Yes
2 5.1. Ordering of Traffic Filtering Rules not applicable n/a (ro RIB) yes[1] yes (4) yes (5) Yes
3 6. Validation Procedure not applicable n/a (ro RIB) Yes Yes (4) Yes (5) Yes
4 7.1. Traffic Rate in Bytes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 7.2. Traffic Rate in Packets [6] pending IANA cp assignment pending IANA cp assignment pending IANA cp assignment pending IANA cp assignment pending IANA cp assignment pending IANA cp assignment
6 7.3. Traffic-action no yes yes yes(redirect, rate, mark & drop) yes(redirect, rate, mark & drop) yes (redirect, rate, mark & drop, sample)
7 7.4. RT Redirect yes yes yes yes yes yes
8 7.5. Traffic Marking no yes yes yes yes yes
9 8. Filtering in BGP/MPLS VPN Networks no yes yes yes yes yes
10 10. Traffic Monitoring not applicable n/a - no dataplane yes[2] yes yes yes
11 11. Error-Handling and Future NLRI Extensions not applicable no no[3] no no no
  • implementers should fill out this column (yes/no)

[1] Requires the use of "routing-options flow term-order" configuration.
[2] Traffic Monitoring in Junos can currently only count matches against rules. It does not currently log packet headers.
[3] As of Junos 19.1, unknown NLRI component types may result in session reset. Work is in progress to conform to 5575-bis behavior.
[4]IOS-XE [5] IOS-XR:

[6] note that without the IANA allocation, all implementations cannot comply with this specification.

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