wiki:draft-ietf-idr-te-pm-bgp implementations

The following lists current implementations and the TLVs supported, and in some cases the initial version which includes the support.
Report created by Les Ginsberg (ginsberg@…) Oct 7, 2018

TLV Code Point Description Cisco IOS-XR Huawei VRP
1114 Unidirectional Link Delay 6.5.1 Supported
1115 Min Max Unidirectional Link Delay 6.5.1 Supported
1116 Unidirectional Delay Variation 6.5.1 Supported
1117 Unidirectional Packet Loss - Supported
1118 Unidirectional Residual Bandwidth 6.5.1 Supported
1119 Unidirectional Available Bandwidth 6.5.1 Supported
1120 Unidirectional Bandwidth Utilization 6.5.1 Supported
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