Implementers of draft-ietf-idr-rfc8203bis please fill out the following information:

implementationversionreported bylink
JuniperJunos 19.1R1Jeff Haas
OpenBSDOpenBGPD 6.6Job
CZ.NICBIRD 1.6.8 / 2.0.6Job

draft-ietf-idr-rfc8203bis options

section function Required JunOS supportsOpenBSD supportsBIRD supports
2Subcode values- only 2 and 4MUSTyesyesyes
2Send Shutdown messages in UTF-8MUSTyesyesagnostic[2]
2Receive Shutdown messages in UTF-8MUSTyesyesagnostic[2]
2Field is not NUL terminatedMUSTyesyesyes
2Shutdown reports included in syslogSHOULDnoyesyes
4Error Handling includes error messages for invalid lengthSHOULDno [1]yesyes
4Error Handling includes error messages for invalid length with hex dumpSHOULDno [1](yes/no))partial

[1] - There is an open PR (defect report) covering reception of invalid UTF-8 sequences. The current behavior is to truncate overly long shutdown strings to the maximum permitted length prior to display. Upon fixing of the open issue, improperly formed UTF-8 characters will be trimmed.

[2] - Does not recode, will send and display UTF-8 correctly if CLI runs in terminal with UTF-8 active (which is almost always today)

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