wiki:draft-ietf-idr-bgp-flowspec-oid implementations

Implementation report for draft-ietf-idr-bgp-flowspec-oid


Implementation Version Reported by
Cisco IOS-XR 5.2.x and later see [1] [2]
Cisco IOS-XE 3.15 and later see [3]
Huawei Networks NE4OE V800R010C00 see [4]
Juniper Networks JunOS 15.1 and later see [5] [6]
Nokia SR-OS 9.OR1 see [7]

Feature Support

Protocol Feature Cisco IOS-XR Cisco IOS Huawei Juniper Networks Nokia
Revised Validation Procedure (required) Yes[1] [2] Yes [3] Yes [4] Yes [5] [6] Yes [7]
Configuration to disable Validation that AS Path does not have AS Sets or Sequence *1 (optional) No No Yes No No

*1 - full description: Configuration to disable validation that AS Path Attribute of Flow specification does not contain AS-SET and/or AS Sequence segments.


[1] Cisco IOS XR Routing Configuration Guide for the Cisco CRS Router, Release 5.2.x:

[2] Cisco IOS XR Routing Configuration Guide for the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers, Release 7.1.x:

[3] Cisco IP Routing: BGP Configuration Guide, Cisco Release 3S:

[4] Huawei NE40E V800R010C00 Configuration Guide - Security 01:

[5] Juniper JunOS BGP User Guide:

[6] Juniper JunOS BGP User Guide:

[7] Nokia Services Overview Guide R16.0.R1, Standards and Protocol Support:

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