wiki:CAR-CT Adoption call (7/6/2022 to 7/27/2022)

CAR-CT Adoption call Notes

Preparation for the Adoption call

  • Presentations from IETF-108 to IETF-113
  • IDR interim on January 24, 2022


  • Email Discussion before IETF-113

Note: The IDR chairs agree with the summary of Jeff Haas (IDR Co-chair) posted on March 21, 2022 - that for route resolution and route origination/propagation, BGP-CAR and BGP-CT are functionally identical, but operationally different.

Adoption Call

The adoption call polls the working group for the adoption of of the following two drafts:

The adoption call was initial set for 7/6 to 7/20, but has been extended to 7/6 to 7/27.

The Adoption call for CAR-CT has three mail threads

Due to complex nature of CAR and CT additions, the IDR chairs have broken the Adoption call into the following 3 mail threads:

  • Part 1 of CAR/CT Adoption call (7/6 to 7/27):Informational Questions

(Click below to see the discussion)

  • Part 2 of CAR/CT Adoption call (7/6 to 7/27): Adoption call

(click below to see the discussion)

  • Part 3 of CAR/CT Adoption call (7/14 to 7/27) - Please note that Part 3 has a specific format for posting.

Click below to see the discussion.

Weekly Summaries per Mail thread

The IDR Shepherd for this call (Susan Hares) posts the following per thread:

  • short summaries on list
  • short summaries in pdf format (attached as pdfs)
  • detailed summaries on which these short summaries are based

Week 1-3 Summaries (in pdf format)

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