wiki:August 23, 2021 - Chairs on new Drafts

Chairs on New Drafts

The Chairs and wG will listen to in-depth presentation of New IDR Drafts. New Drafts include both Drafts under adoption and new created drafts.

Chairs will provide feedback to author prior to the interim.


1) draft-xie-idr-bgpls-sr-vtn-mt

2) draft-wang-idr-rd-orf-06.txt [Aijun Wang]

3) draft-wang-idr-vpn-routes-control-analysis-03.txt [Aijun Wang]

4) draft-ietf-pce-pcep-extension-native-ip-14.txt [this draft is for feedback to PCE WG] [Aijun Wang]

5) draft-chen-bgp-redist-03.txt [Enke Chen]

6) Extended Communities derived from Route Targets draft-zzhang-idr-rt-derived-community [Jeffrey Zhang]

7) MPLS Label Stacks in Tunnel Encapsulation Attribute draft-zzhang-idr-tunnel-encapsulation-label-stack

8) draft-dunbar-idr-sdwan-edge-discovery [Susan Hares or Kausik Majumdar]

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