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ISE Function

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(A.1) Historically, the Independent Submission Process was an
integral part of the RFC Editor role, so integral that it not
only predates the stream concept that was introduced in RFC
4844 but that it predates the IETF itself (obviously including
the IETF's decision to use the RFC Series to publish its
standards and other outputs). While RFC 4844 made it just one
"stream" among four, various documents through and including
RFC Editor Model Version 1 treated it as part of the the RFC
Editor Function with a loose reporting relationship to the RSE.
The current draft removes that reporting relationship entirely:
the ISE appears to be responsible to the IAB and the community
directly, not to the RSE or even the RSOC. That is probably
correct, but it creates a situation in which including the
Independent Stream activities and management as part of this
document adds confusion and provides no value.

Recommendation: Remove the Independent Stream material from
this document and put it into something separate. I would
think the "something separate" should be an update or parallel
document for RFC 4846, providing the organizational structure
and arrangements where 4846 provides the document processing
model. Making that change would significantly shorten this
document, make review and spotting difficulties more feasible,
and enable the ISE to evolve independently of the RSE and the
parts of the RFC Editor function that are more concerned with
final editing and documentation strategies.

Consistent with that recommendation, this review does not
include comments on Sections 2.2 or 3.2.

(B.25) Section 4, Administrative Implementation, Figure 2

Consistent with the discussion in A.1 above, I believe this
document would be enhanced if the ISE Function were removed
entirely from it, including from Figure 2. While its retention
here is less problematic than in Figure 1 and other sections,
the relationship between the IAOC and ISE is quite different
than the other functions because the IAOC has absolutely no
role in appointment of the ISE: the only role is wrt budget for
operating the Independent Submission Process. By contrast,
because money flows to the RSE and the Production and
Publication functions, the IAOC claims, with some
justification, a need to be involved in the selection process
and is certainly involved in the compensation model.

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