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The IAB and the ISE (and Figure 1)

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Figure 1 of the document shows an arrow going from the IAB to the RSOC, and a line from the RSOC to the RSE, which seems consistent with the delegation of IAB authority for RSE supervision to the RSOC as described in the document.

However, the figure does not show a similar arrow from the IAB to the ISE, yet in Section 3.2, IAB oversight of the ISE is described. This left me wondering whether Figure 1 was correct and whether there is a desire to delegate oversight of the ISE as was done with the RSE.

The primarily place where interaction of the IAB and ISE is described is Section 3.2:

As noted below, the ISE is

appointed by and is responsible directly to the IAB....

The individual with the listed qualifications will be selected by the
IAB after input is collected from the community. An approach similar
to the one used by the IAB to select an IAOC member every other year
as described in [RFC4333] should be used. While the ISE itself is
considered a volunteer function, the IAB considers maintaining the
Independent Submission stream within the RFC Series part of the IAB's
supported activities, and will include the expenses made for the
support of the ISE in its IASA-supported budget.

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One question is whether the IAB only delegates RSE oversight to the RSOC or whether it delegates RFC Series oversight. If the latter, then under Section 4.1, would this also include ISE responsibilities? Section 4.1 states:

In order to provide continuity over periods longer than the nomcom
appointment cycle and assure that oversight is informed through
subject matter experts the IAB will establish a group that implements
oversight for the IAB, the RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC).

The RSOC will act with authority delegated from the IAB: In general
it will be the RSOC that will approve consensus policy and vision
documents as developed by the RSE in collaboration with the

In Section 3.2 it is stated that the ISE is directly accountable to the IAB, which seems to imply that the IAB cannot delegate ISE oversight to the RSOC.

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