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Section 2

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  1. Overview of DNS Application Usages

[RFC0882] identifies the original and fundamental connection between
the DNS and applications.

[BA] Replace with:

[RFC0882] describes the motivation for the development of the DNS.

2.1. Locating Services in a Domain

The MX resource record provides the simplest motivating example for

s/simplest motivating example for/simplest example of/

In the ENUM system, in place of "" the special domain
"" was reserved for use. In its more mature form in the
Dynamic Delegation and Discovery Service (DDDS) ([RFC3401] passim)
framework, this initial transformation of the telephone number to a
domain name was called the "First Well Known Rule." The capability
to create these rules is thus a generalization of the string
preparation algorithm done for IP addresses.

[BA] Is "string preparation" (e.g. StringPrep?) the right phrase here?
Perhaps you might say "a generalization of the mechanism used for
reverse lookups (PTR)."

2.3. Arbitrary Data in the DNS

Since URI encoding has ways of carrying basically arbitrary data,
resolving a NAPTR record might result in an output other than an
identifier that would subsequently be resolved to IP addresses and
contacted for a particular application - it could give a literal
result consumed by the application. Originally, in [RFC2168], the
intended applicability of the regular expression field in NAPTR was
much more narrow: the regexp field contained a "substitution

s/much more narrow/narrower/

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(mostly) fixed in -07; I left the first as-is because that section really does need to establish the connection between the DNS and applications.

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