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draft-iab-dns-applications-05 is a bit short on alternatives

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draft-iab-dns-applications-05 repeats several times that the DNS is not the ideal solution for every problem requiring a distributed database but it mentions no alternatives besides HTTP. Saying "Ultimately, this document concludes that efforts to retrofit these capabilities into the DNS would be better invested in selecting, or if necessary inventing, other Internet services with broader powers than the DNS" does not help since it is obviously a lot of work to invent something new.

If the DNS is used, it is because it works and works well. When the IAB writes "The overhead of
using HTTP may not be appropriate for all environments, but even in environments where a more lightweight protocol is appropriate, DNS is not the only alternative", it would be more convincing if at least one such alternative were mentioned. (LDAP ? whois ? HTTP-over-UDP, like Call of Duty does?)

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Added some text in -07 to clarify that there are trade-offs to the use of application layer protocols, and tried to remove any connotation that this advocates for weird tunneling or exclusive use of HTTP.

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