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Marc's review part 2: global comments

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  • I'm not sure how to state my comment appropriately, so give me a chance to restate it later if it does not go through.
  • I found in the document a lot of compressed information about how Javascript works currently.
  • However, I'm not sure what to do with the "recommendations". First, I don't see them as recommendations, but "questions". I'm not sure what is the value of the generic questions asked in the "recommendations" section, in the IETF context.

I tried to dry run the questions with a tentative protocol and the outcome was not clear. Maybe I'm not the right audience for this document. I don't have good text suggestions, but mostly a generic comment that the "recommendations/questions" shall be more precise, actionable, technical. Here are comments on two of these questions as an example:

" 7. Have you implemented your protocol in a tyipcal Web development

programming language? Hands-on experience may help you to detect
problems with using your application design in a Web context in
early stages of the design."

I'm not sure the value of knowing or questioning which "web" programming language is valuable for IETF. The IETF "don't care" about which programming language one uses. I'm not sure what "Hands-on experience" means in the IETF context. I'm not saying the questions are not good, I'm not seeing what is the value of those questions in the IETF context.

  1. Is your protocol deployed already? If not, who do you envision

to implement and deploy it?

I'm not sure again the value of these questions in the IETF context. Some IETF protocol standards were deployed already when the work started, some did not. not sure what to gain by answering the questions here.

Summary: While I see the document informative and ask generic questions, I'm not sure of its value in the IETF context, specially as an IAB "statement/document". I'm a newbie here in IAB, so feel free to reject all of my comments.

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