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    4949   that the proxy may perform, and allowing the proxy to connect via
    5050   secure channel to another site on the user's behalf.
     53=== [ Connection Reuse for Multiple Hostnames and for Fast Redirect] ===
     55   This document describes a suggested enhancement to HTTP, in which a
     56   user-agent and a server can use a single connection to exchange
     57   requests/responses for multiple requested hostnames for which the
     58   server is authorized to serve.  This enhancement suggests that user-
     59   agents will prefer to re-use an existing connection if it can be used
     60   to other hosts, and presents methods for a server to announce hosts
     61   that are served by it, as well as a mechanism for the user-agent to
     62   validate that the server is indeed trusted to serve this hosts.
     64   This is highly relevant when the server is actually a surrogate (like
     65   in a case of a CDN server), or in multi-hosts hosting environments,
     66   where the same server serves multiple hostnames/domains and can
     67   improve performance by the reuse of established and already optimized
     68   connections.
     70=== [ Method for suggestion Alternative Servers to Enhance Connection Level Performance] ===
     72   This memo presents a method for allowing an HTTP server to provide
     73   hints in its HTTP responses to a user-agent that indicate the user
     74   could be better off connecting to a different IP than what they are
     75   currently connected to.  This is highly relevant in a multi-homed
     76   server world where DNS may not have all of the relevant state
     77   necessary to make a proper routing decision.  Additionally it is done
     78   in a manner that does not require application level changes as could
     79   be the case for an application level redirect such as a 3xx response