Call for Expressions of Interest

The IETF HTTPbis Working Group has been chartered to consider new work around HTTP; specifically, a new wire-level protocol for the semantics of HTTP (i.e., what will become HTTP/2.0), and new HTTP authentication schemes.

A number of proposals for each area of work has been made. To gauge interest in these protocols, the Working Group is calling for expressions of interest by potential implementers and deployers.

In particular, we're interested in feedback from:

  • Web browser, server, and proxy vendors
  • Authors of libraries that implement HTTP in various programming languages
  • Firewall vendors that work with HTTP
  • Creators of other software or hardware components that need to communicate using HTTP
  • Network operators who deal with HTTP traffic
  • Operators of Web sites
  • Operators of Content Delivery Networks
  • Operators of Web crawlers and robots

Our aim is to select one of the HTTP/2.0 proposals and at least one of the authentication proposals for further work and eventual standardisation. Implementer and deployer feedback will be one factor considered in determining this starting point; however, it will not solely guide the decision.

Sending Feedback

Feedback should be sent to the Working Group mailing list, ietf-http-wg@…. Implementers and deployers who are not subscribed to the list may send their feedback to the WG Chair, who will forward it to the list.

When sending feedback, please use the Subject "HTTP2 Expression of Interest", and briefly describe your implementation or deployment before giving your feedback on all of the proposals.

For each proposal listed below, your feedback should answer the following questions:

  • Have you already implemented / deployed this proposal? Do you intend to?
  • Do you believe it is a good basis for standardisation? Why / why not?
  • If it is adopted as the basis for further work, what concerns need to be addressed?

Please submit your feedback as soon as possible, no later than 15 July 2012. Please coordinate the feedback from your implementation or deployment to avoid unnecessary duplication.

HTTP/2.0 Proposals

HTTP Authentication Proposals

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