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Editorial suggestions 2

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  • 2.1 "A byte range operation MAY specify..." This is the only place "operation" is used in the document; it should either be defined, or replaced by another term.
  • 3.1 "...and only if the result of their evaluation is leading toward a 200 (OK) response." This is a bit informal...
  • 3.1 "If all of the preconditions are true, the server supports the Range header field for the target resource, and the specified range(s) are invalid or unsatisfiable, the server SHOULD send a 416 (Range Not Satisfiable) response."

Yet 4.4 says: "because servers are free to ignore Range, many implementations will simply respond with 200 (OK) if the requested ranges are invalid or not satisfiable."

I think sometimes responding with 200 is the right thing to do here sometimes, and so we shouldn't put a requirement against it. We could either remove the SHOULD, or qualify it with something that allows the server to make a judgement call.

  • 4.3 first paragraph re-defines what validator strength is; this should just be a reference to p4.
  • 4.3 last paragraph places a requirement on clients to "record" sets of ranges; how exactly do they meet this requirement? Terminology seems strange.

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From [2296]:

s/operation/request/, also get rid of a useless "MAY" (see #462)

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From [2297]:

adjust language describing why a server would not return 416, also s/record/process/ because we never say what "record" means (see #462)

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From [2299]:

rephrase "...leading toward a 200..." (see #462)

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